In Seinfeld’s show “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”, with guest Sarah Jessica Parker, the following conversation took place:

(She asks him:)

  • What role did your mother play in your life? Was there an exchange of, “How was your day?”…
  • No.
  • But did they hug you? Hold you?
  • No.
  • Kiss you a lot?
  • No.
  • Did you see a smile on her face?
  • No one in my life has ever asked me any of these questions.
  • Well, I’m really curious.

Well, I’m really curious too. Seinfeld seems sane to me. He has wife, children, friends, and is pretty successful individual. And yet, if I told you that there is a child in my neighbourhood who is not held or kissed by her parents, or has never seen a smile on her parent’s face, I bet many people would find it horrible and probably concluded that social services should be informed at once.

Could Seinfeld be an exception to everything we think we know about parenting, or are there just too many things about raising children we take for granted?


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